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The Rockgate accounting office provides timely and accurate financial statements and implements internal controls at all Rockgate hotels. A centralized Accounts Payable service ensures the efficient flow of payables for our hotels. The... [ Read More ]

The value of any management company to an owner is its ability to operate the hotel in a well-maintained and cost efficient manner. Many companies can promise cost cutting measures, however guest satisfaction will usually be sacrificed in the... [ Read More ]

Rockgate Hospitality has extensive experience in developing and building hotels. The Company also has experience in complete renovation projects of existing hotels.

Our development expertise includes... [ Read More ]

The Company places a high value on attracting and retaining quality associates. Rockgate strives to ensure hotels are staffed with the best people, which begins with effective leadership from the General Manager. Rockgate Hospitality is highly... [ Read More ]

Rockgate Management has an aggressive approach to providing leadership and support for all aspects of hotel operations. Rockgate provides comprehensive training in front office management, food and beverage, housekeeping and maintenance... [ Read More ]

Rockgate has proven methods of sales training. In fact, the Company places such a high emphasis on sales that each General Manager must complete formal sales training classes provided by the company.

The Rockgate corporate sales and... [ Read More ]